Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel

For those looking to remodel their bathroom one of the major considerations will be the shower.  Since the shower is where you will spend most of your time, besides the toilet of course, you want to make it a comfortable location where you have room to move and handle your business.  For this, we have several bathroom ideas in salt lake city ut to suggest.


The first thing that you want to do is consider the walls.  The walls of your shower will take the main force of dirt and grime.  When considering what to do on your shower walls consider something that is easy to clean and maintain.

Tile walls

bathroom ideas in salt lake city ut

One idea is to have tile.  This tile can look nice and will help with a textured surface.  When you use tile you can decide on large tile or you can use smaller tiles that will allow you to create some fun and unique patterns.  One thing that you want to consider though is having a darker tile or a tile that has natural dark spots so that dirt won’t show as much.  When installing tile, you will also want to consider having sheets with pre grouted tile or use a darker grout that will hide dirt as well.

Shower curtain or glass door

Another option to consider is having a shower curtain or glass doors.  If you have kids, then it might be a good idea to use a shower curtain.  This way you can have different colors and patterns.  For a more adult look and feel, consider glass doors or doors with a frosted or fractured glass look.  When using this type of look you can hide dirt and scum easier and won’t have to clean the doors as often.